A robust and extensible solution to connect brilliant researchers and their ideas together so they can collaboratively solve some of the most complicated global problems, powered by Salesforce Community Cloud

An extensible reference data model that represents faculty and their academic and research activities


Intuitive user interfaces to easily maintain profile information and discover future collaborators


A platform to rapidly develop new applications and workflows to support and mobile-enable business processes

The Story

Connect brilliant people and their brilliant ideas together.

Higher education is a late bloomer in adopting CRM technology, with efforts focused on managing relationships with donors, alumni, students, and prospective students. While the lifeblood of a major research institution like Johns Hopkins is its faculty, we have not yet leveraged this technology to manage relationships with, and between, faculty and other constituencies. Recognizing the power of CRM in other industries, we are using it to develop an entirely new platform to drive collaboration around research within a single institution and, ultimately, across multiple institutions. What we have set out to do is novel for our industry.

  • Our solution aggregates meaningful data about our faculty and their activities and presents a profile with a uniform look and feel. With this data, we are building algorithms to identify existing relationships among faculty who have collaborated and make recommendations to form new connections with others who have related interests.

  • This comprehensive database of faculty information has never before existed and will enable automation of business processes that have never before been automated. We are doing so in a manner that allows other universities to adopt and extend our solution, with an eye towards developing a network of participating universities.

  • There are unlimited opportunities for how we can engage faculty with facultyforce, by integrating other systems to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of cumbersome processes that detract our faculty from their mission of discovery. We also anticipate that we will be saving precious hours of faculty and administrator time in manual activity reporting and other intensive data collection, including CV creation and maintenance.

  • Most audaciously, we expect that our solution will enable identification of potential research partners, faculty mentors, and research opportunities for students, all of which has the potential to lead to new scientific discovery that otherwise might never have happened.


These are the brilliant folks who are working tirelessly to make facultyforce a reality.
Professor Bodin
Fictional Faculty Member
Renowned for her work in body part swapping and has won coveted Nobrick Prize for her discovery of the theoretical System/Duplo Interface.
Geof Corb
Deputy CIO / Principal Investigator
This whole thing was my crazy idea.
Anh Dang
Chief Offshore Developer
Out of site (and dy-no-mite) but not out of mind!
Sherri Flaks
Advisor, Business Process & Data
The opportunities to bring together data to fuel collaboration, to improve inefficient business processes for managing faculty information, and to work with such a creative and fun group are just a few of the reasons Sherri is extremely excited to be a part of the facultyforce team!
Anthony Gaito
IT Senior Manager
Not sure yet.
Michael Johnson
Salesforce Developer
We needed someone who knows what they are doing, with a calm demeanor, who exudes confidence. Michael does just that.
Nicole Pennington
Project Manager
ā€œIā€™m a project manager, not a magician. Magicians have way cooler hats.ā€ ā€“ Merlin Mann
Kirk Sabnani
Data Integration Developer
Chief Data Schlepper/Integrator and object creator extraordinaire
Ali Soylu
Orchestrates our disharmonic technical orchestra and on a global scale.
Graham Williams
Student Intern
He may have gone back to school but he\’s still in our hearts.
Irene Zvagelsky
IT Director
A woman of few words who runs a tight ship.


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